Spread out on the living room floor

11 08 2008

That’s how I listened to music.  Once upon a time, albums came on large vinyl discs, called LP’s (for “long-playing”).  You might have seen them in our garage.  The LP’s were often packaged in sleeves, which were then tucked inside jackets or covers.  The sleeves and covers often had liner notes, lyrics, musicians’ credits, recording session information, and really nice art.

So try to imagine your old man as a kid, coming home with a new LP, tearing off the plastic wrap, and carefully removing the vinyl to place on the turntable.  Placing the stylus on the outer groove of the LP, and adjusting the stereo’s volume, I would find a nice spot on the carpet to spread out both myself and the album’s cover and sleeve.   Then I’d follow along with the lyrics while soaking up as much of the music as I could.




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