“The Entertainer” performed by Chet Atkins (1975)

2 09 2008

This is a real musician.  Watch the ease with which he plays.  The guitar truly is an extension of his body.  So Mr. Atkins is here first and foremost to show you what a natural musician looks and sounds like, at least to me.

I picked this piece because it’s well-known.  But it’s important to note that this piece was written by Scott Joplin for piano.  It is not easy to play piano pieces on guitar.  But I can imagine Mr. Atkins sitting down one afternoon and spending about 10 minutes figuring out how to make a complex ragtime piano piece sound good on guitar.  And it’s beautiful.

Unfortunately, he passed away in 2001.  Fortunately, he left behind a wealth of music–including tracks he produced for other artists.  His was an interesting life, and one worth reading about.

But first and foremost in my eyes, he was an amazing guitarist and musician.




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