“Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley (1977)

8 09 2008

I know you already like Bob Marley, and that makes me very happy.  Very few people have laid such “positive vibrations” on this planet.  How could anyone not like this song?  It’s perfect for a Saturday morning, maybe after letting yourself sleep in a bit, you put in some Bob Marley and sit outside to enjoy a slow cup of coffee.

This song just makes me feel good.  And who can’t use more of THAT?

Another terrific thing about Bob Marley is that his music is internationally known and loved.  You could go to any country (that hasn’t been completely cut off from outside music) and find Bob Marley fans.  It instantly gives you something in common with people around the world.  And if you play an instrument, you might even find yourself playing Bob Marley covers with people who don’t even share your language.

Bob’s music gives us all the means to be goodwill ambassadors to all our brothers and sisters on this planet.  And I think that is most excellent.




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