“Save Me” by Aimee Mann (1999)

12 09 2008

I think Aimee Mann is a national treasure.  Her songwriting is outstanding, all the way back to her days fronting ‘Til Tuesday (I highly recommend “Coming Up Close” from their second album).  Her music can be subtle and understated, which is deceptive, as she often sings about very harsh or emotionally draining things.  Like this song:

“You look like a perfect fit
For a girl in need of a tourniquet”

This and a few of her other songs are integral to the movie “Magnolia,” an epic and thought-provoking film, which I also highly recommend.

Aimee Mann seems like the really cool middle sister you never had.  The one who let you try your first beer, or who would actually answer your questions without dumbing anything down for you.  The one who had your parents worried because she just didn’t “fit in” at school.  But you knew all along that she was just much smarter than and years ahead of everyone else.

So, let me introduce to you the cool sister we never had:  Aimee Mann




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