“I Wish I Was In New Orleans” by Tom Waits (1975)

14 09 2008

Every decent human being–and certainly all musicians and music-lovers–should never forgive what certain “leaders” let happen to our beloved New Orleans.  Never.

Okay.  Moving on.

Tom Waits is the poet laureate of the so-called “underclass,” the people who live around the edges of Brady Bunch bliss.  A voice from the wise people outside our lifestyle, who can better see the folly of our ways.  All of Mr. Waits’s records are worth poring over.  His songs are biting, canny, and a joy to behold.

And to New Orleans and all of her fine residents, I am so sorry.  We really let you down.

(Major kudos and thanks to coolcrowe87 for the poignant images and video upload to YouTube)




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