“Svefn-g-englar” by Sigur Ros (2001)

23 09 2008

This track just smolders in its own beauty.  It’s so strong and powerful, but without any jagged or sharp edges.  It moves you from place to place, whether you like it or not.  Put on headphones and listen to the textures, and how this builds in intensity.

Sigur Ros is from Iceland, and there must be something glorious in the water up there.  I don’t know what they’re singing about, but I feel as if I don’t have to.  Being able to enjoy the majesty of music like this is one of the best things about being human.

I remember listening to this quite a bit when it first came out.  I remember feeling pretty good about things.  Then came the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center.  Then our country went bat shite crazy, and there’s no telling yet if we’ll recover.

But if I have any hope of a return to sanity for us, and for the world, it might just be through music like this.

(The music starts at about 1:30 into the video)




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