“Woman in Chains” by Tears for Fears (1989)

14 10 2008

Tears for Fears made some fantastic records, particularly their first two records.  This song is from their third album, and while it’s denser and more polished than the previous two, it’s a winner.  Oleta Adams lends her vocals on the track, and that only adds to the poignancy of the music.  It’s layered and gorgeous, and really deserves a good listen on a great sound system.  I love how the intensity grows at about 3:40, then settles down, then rockets forward again at about 4:45, all at the same solid tempo.

There are some people out there who believe that women are somewhat–if not downright–inferior to men, that they should submit to the wishes of their “man.”  Sometimes this leads to unbearable situations for women involved with men who try to control them, sometimes even through physical abuse.

If you ever find yourself in that situation, get out.  By any means necessary.  If you love the person, get out anyway.  You can work on it separately if you must, but you cannot stay.  It’s bad news.  And ask for help.  Grandpa and I would be on the road within the hour, arguing over who can drive fastest.  And you have other terrific family members who will help you any way they can.  After that, there are some amazing people out there working to provide sanctuary for people who need it.  Use us.

One more note about this, an indulgence, a memory:  I first saw this video on a video jukebox in a bar on an Air Force base.  I was the only one who played it.  The jukebox was usually blaring out hard rock or country, more of a noise machine than a music system.  But I would notice that when I’d put on this song, a lot of people–people who normally preferred their music loud and limited to beer and pickup trucks–would settle down.  And quietly watch this video.




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