“September” by Earth, Wind and Fire (1978)

21 10 2008

Ah, Earth, Wind and Fire!  I love these guys, and they probably saved me from a life of early disco indifference to music.  Fortunately, growing up in the Bay Area gave me a lot of exposure to soul/funk/R&B music (especially from the great radio station KSOL), and I loved the bands with full horn sections, like EW&F.

For me, these guys had it all:  Musicianship, showmanship, terrific songs, and one of the most rockin’ horn sections ever.  I think we were blessed with bands like this.  And I categorically deny any rumors of allegedly pivotal adolescent slow dances to their song “Reasons”….

Great times, great music, and a lot of fun.  And chances are, if you dig it when you’re young, you’re going to dig it when you’re older.




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