“2Wicky” by Hooverphonic (1996)

10 11 2008

Hooverphonic makes some wonderful, dreamy music.  I really like the lush melodies, the silky strings, and the strong but gentle rhythm of their tracks.  While they had a couple of tracks that were popular with the college crowd in the U.S., their biggest mark on America is probably the use of their songs in commercials.  That’s a shame, really, to only hear it in the context of marketing.

While we’re lucky in the States to get a lot of music from Europe (especially from the U.K. and Ireland), we miss out on too much.  And it’s good stuff, too.  Hooverphonic, originally from Belgium, are a perfect example of what we yanks are denied by our record labels.

So when you meet people from other countries, go ahead and ask them what music they dig.  You’ll probably get turned on to something fresh and new.  And that, of course, is a wonderful thing.




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