“Thanksgiving” by George Winston (1982)

27 11 2008

I have tremendous admiration for George Winston.  He brought the piano back into our homes.  Not too long ago, the piano was the centerpiece for most music in our lives, whether the beat up console in the parlor, or the baby grand in the church or community center.

Mr. Winston’s music is beautiful, reflective, and perfect ambience for any intimate occasion.  I’m guessing that many families don’t consider the holidays complete without his record “December,” from which this track comes.  For some people, Mr. Winston’s music maybe opened the door to Beethoven’s sonatas, which might have led to Chopin, and maybe on to Rachmaninoff.  And that’s fantastic.

We take it for granted, but the piano is an extraordinary instrument.  One of the best inventions we knuckle-headed humans have made.  So much of our music has been composed on piano, and for that alone, it should be respected and revered.  And if you master the piano, you can launch into virtually any musical direction.

I remember your grandma bringing this record home with her one day, shortly after it was released.  We played it all the time, all enjoying it, a shared taste, a little respite from some trying times.

She brought the piano into our home.

She died a year ago, on Thanksgiving eve, as I was packing for a trip up to see her.

I miss her.

She absolutely adored you.

(thanks to equivocaly for the YouTube upload and beautiful slide show images)




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