Anything by The Marx Brothers

28 11 2008

The Marx Brothers made some of the funniest movies of all time.  Brilliant physical comedy along with some of the most clever wordplay you’ll get to hear (if you can, read anything by S.J. Perelman, one of their collaborators).  You can always count on a Marx Brothers film to cheer you up.

We have to appreciate people like the Marx Brothers.  They honed their skills on the vaudeville circuit before making movies, and let me tell you:  many vaudevillians were true renaissance men (and women).  They could act, sing, dance, play multiple instruments, and make you laugh.  As performers go, vaudeville vets were the best of the best.  These were seriously talented people who deserve the highest praise.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise what accomplished musicians Chico and Harpo Marx were.

Chico could really rip on the piano:

And Harpo was a demon on the harp, an extremely difficult instrument to master:




One response

22 01 2009

Great post on the Marx Brothers! And Horse Feathers is my favorite instance of Chico’s piano playing: “Christopher Columbo, he write the queen of Spain a very nice-a little note” Lol

If you like, check out my latest entry on the Marx Brothers 🙂 :

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