“Sonnet” by The Verve (1997)

29 11 2008

Another band I just can’t say enough good things about.  Everything just works.  Their music is earthy, dense, and beautifully textured.  The rhythm section (bass and drums) is tight but human, a thick foundation for the amazing guitar work and Richard Ashcroft’s stunning vocal delivery.

This track is from their masterpiece album “Urban Hymns.”  The Verve was hugely and justly popular in Europe.  They had one big hit in the States with the epic “Bittersweet Symphony,” but “Sonnet” is one of my personal faves.  It’s yours, too, remember?  How we would sing it on the way to school?  There were a few weeks where that’s all you wanted to hear.  Well, here it is again for you to enjoy.

Richard Ashcroft is the real deal.  There’s no artifice or pretentiousness in what he does, in my opinion.  Here’s a solo track he did recently, “A Song for the Lovers.”  Listen to his great conversational style of singing, and the natural but complex phrasing he does so well.  Just like with The Verve, who I’m happy to say is back together making new music.




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1 12 2008

Nice! Thanks for putting this here!

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