“Lucky Man” by The Verve (1997)

13 12 2008

Okay, I know I just wrote about The Verve.  But talking about your favorite track, “Sonnet,” got me thinking about another of their songs from that same album:  “Lucky Man.”  This is a lesson, so pay attention, or I’ll, um, habitually “lose” anything of yours related to “High School Musical.”  Forever.

I know you’ve heard this song a few times in daddy’s cab, so let me ask you:  I’m guessing that when the chorus comes (“But I’m a lucky man/With fire in my hands“), you belt that out with confidence, right?  It just poured out of you, because it’s beautiful and strong?

Did you notice how many times the singer sings that chorus over the entire 5 minutes of the track?  Once.  Just once.  Yet it stuck somewhere in your heart.  He sings the melody with different words (“I hope you understand“) one more time, but that’s it.  Yet by the end of the song, you’re singing the chorus in your head as the song plays out, right?

That’s extraordinary, and a fine example of inspired songwriting, in my opinion.  Most songs beat you over the head with the chorus—three, four, five times—hoping it’ll stick.

The Verve only had to do it once.

To me, this kind of thing separates the artists from the practitioners.




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