“How Soon Is Now?” by The Smiths (1984)

13 01 2009

The Smiths were an important band to a lot of people, especially people who didn’t fit any of the three or four molds society tries to pour us into.  They helped give voice to many of those who questioned their worth in society, or their identity.  And they did it using terrific music that still sounds fresh today.

Morrissey, the singer, delivers the words with melancholy and yearning, yet somehow it’s very comforting.

I’m particularly fond of guitarist Johnny Marr, who laid down some really innovative guitar parts, and this track showcases that perfectly.  The monster vibrato guitars chugging behind the stabbing wail of the “lead” part just sounds fantastic to me.  Marr also worked with a band called The The, another personal fave, and I’d recommend you listen to the band named Electronic, which consisted of Marr and Bernard Sumner from another great band, New Order.




One response

13 01 2009

This is pretty relaxing. I agree the background guitar is a really cool effect. Nice article!

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