“Tyler” by UB40 (1980)

20 01 2009

UB40 helped bring reggae to the masses.  They had some huge hits, mostly cover versions they did mid-career (“Red Red Wine” written by Neil Diamond, for example), but I particularly like their first records.  And this track is one of my favorites.  It’s heavy and raw, like the band playing in an awesome garage party, in a Michigan November.  It’s freezing cold, but everyone’s warm and sweaty from all the dancing.

This song is about a man, Gary Tyler, sitting in a Louisiana prison since 1975 for a murder a lot of people think he didn’t commit.  He’s been in prison since he was 16.

“Tyler is guilty the white judge has said so
What right do we have to say it’s not so?”

(Thanks to BowcatJukeboxxx for uploading the track to YouTube)




2 responses

20 01 2009

gary was 16 when arrested. he’s 50 this year: write to him!
gary tyler, #84156, LA STATE Prison,
angola, LA 70712.

thanks for remembering Gary. He’s hanging in there.
maybe with Obama…?? hope? but Gov Jindal? not much hope there.

20 01 2009

Thanks for stopping by! Let’s hope with the new Administration a vigorous push to reexamine our justice system, along with righting any wrongs, will come to pass.

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