“All Cats Are Grey” by The Cure (1981)

4 02 2009

If you’re lucky, you’ll find artists who make music that really resonates deep within you.  The Cure is one of mine.  Maybe it’s the darker themes, or the somber, ethereal music.  Maybe it’s Robert Smith’s plaintive singing, another voice in an otherwise lonely room.  Or maybe it’s because this music entered my life at a time I really needed it, staying with me through my life.

Not all of their music is so melancholy.  They also have upbeat, even joyful songs.  I think all of their records are worth checking out.  There is a lot to love there.

The Cure is often called a “goth” band.  As if you needed to wear black clothing and eyeliner to be a “real” fan.  Well, I can say they had at least one big fan prone to wearing Van Halen t-shirts and tan corduroys from Sears.

(thanks to susanswan for the nice imagery and upload to YouTube)




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