“Sunday Papers” by Joe Jackson (1979)

19 02 2009

When I hear a Joe Jackson track, I usually stop what I’m doing and jump into it.  I’m especially fond of his earlier punk pop like this track, which mixes reggae, ska, and high-energy stomp with cutting, satirical lyrics.  This music was incredibly important to me as a young man, touching on sensitive issues with just the right mix of anger, frustration, hope, humor, and self-deprecation.

I also like Mr. Jackson’s choice of musicians for his various ensembles, particularly his long-time bass player, Graham Maby.  Check out the bass line in this track, which alternates between solid reggae and manic gallops.  The whole band just sounds fantastic, perfectly supporting Mr. Jackson’s music and vision.

Because I like his music so much, I’ll probably post more tracks by him (maybe you missed his version of “Jumpin’ Jive” I posted earlier?).  There’s a lot of great stuff to explore, which I definitely recommend.

“Well I got nothing against the press
They wouldn’t print it if it wasn’t true”




One response

14 03 2009

I used to listen to a ton of Joe Jackson years ago, because my dad had his greatest hits on the computer, and it was the only music on there I could find. I had no idea who it was, but I thought it was great.

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