100th Post

1 03 2009

The last post was the 100th I’ve put up on this blog, and I’m wondering if you’ll even read any of them one day.

And then, I wonder if you’ll even like any of this music.  I like to think that there is enough variety here to offer you something.

You are six-years-old now, and I think you really do like music, which pleases me.  You sing a pretty mean version of “Pretend We’re Dead” by L7 on Rock Band 2, which is awesome.  There are a lot of parents who wouldn’t be pleased by that, preferring their kids eat up generic pap by “safe” pop stars.

I would much rather you listen to stuff that comes from the heart and soul.  Stuff that’s not manufactured merely to sell records.  There’s nothing wrong with a little candy now and then, but we need real nourishment, too.




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