“Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel with Kate Bush (1986)

13 03 2009

Right now the economy is hurting.  People are losing their jobs.  This is devastating for entire families, and ultimately for entire communities.  As the government shovels cash to the very people who got us into this mess, regular working folks are living in their cars, or setting up tent cities to survive.

To the people who run things—the rich, the powerful—unemployment is an abstract concept.  Just another figure in their world of numbers and bottom lines.  They have not had to face their families with the news, to bear the crushing dread that they may not be able to keep a roof over their loved ones’ heads.  Oh sure, they might have to sell off one of their summer homes, or maybe (<gasp!>) postpone the remodel of their executive washrooms.  In fact, CEO’s can run their companies into the ground, possibly even causing the loss of many jobs, and still walk away with a sweet severance package.  Then step right into another opportunity.

But there is nothing abstract about unemployment for most people.  Maybe this heart-wrenching track can help put a face to it, for those who have never had to experience it.  And I hope you never have to experience it.

“No fight left or so it seems
I am a man whose dreams have all deserted
I’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my name
But no one wants you when you lose”




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