“Let’s Push Things Forward” by The Streets (2002)

26 03 2009

“The Streets” is a name used by Mike Skinner, a British rapper/musician.  I love this track for it’s dub undertones and slightly off-kilter presentation.  It’s edgy and moving, with really engaging words that are fun to decipher and discover.  The track is a plea to shake things up musically, to explore new sounds and styles, to not get stuck in a sonic rut, which a lot of people do.

“You say that everything sounds the same
Then you go buy them!
There’s no excuses my friend
Let’s push things forward!”

Great advice!  Open up your mind to all kinds of music.  You may discover that Turkish folk music (Türkü) really rocks your boat, or that South African mbaqanga is just what you need to start your weekend.  But if you never explore your own tastes and the great wealth of music out there, you may miss something that you’d really like.

That kind of goes for all aspects of life, too.  At least that’s what your daddy thinks.




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