“I Confess” by The (English) Beat (1982)

15 05 2009

Okay, the name of this band in the rest of the world is simply “The Beat,” but they had to add “English” to their name for us Americans due to another band with that name. I know them as The English Beat, but if you talk to a Brit about them, he or she will probably snicker if you call them that.

The Beat made wonderful, crackling music which just felt alive to me at the time (and still does). They blended elements of ska, punk, and new wave that was both danceable and thought-provoking. It was the perfect soundtrack to my youth. I remember driving around San Francisco with friends in the summer, excited about seeing some concert, and optimistic about the future. We sang along to The Beat, shouting the words out the windows of my beat up VW bug.

A lot of people have bands and/or albums that define certain phases of their lives, and The English Beat will always remind me of my high school and college years. I’m just glad it was a band as good as this.




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