“Evangeline” by Los Lobos (1984)

19 06 2009

Sometimes narrowly defined as a “Chicano rock” band, Los Lobos was amazingly diverse, merging many different styles of music into their own wonderful sound. I hope you get to hear their records in their entirety, including the record from which this track comes, “Will the Wolf Survive?” These gents are fine musicians, and obviously very passionate about their music.

We’re lucky in California to have so many vibrant cultures, and to have people who are so receptive to other ways of life and of expression. It’s a shame that some people close their minds to so-called “ethnic” things, whether it’s music or food or languages or whatever seems different.

As far as I’m concerned, Los Lobos is one kick-ass American band.

With “Evangeline” you can hear how Los Lobos can rock with the best of ’em. Now check out how well they play traditional instruments and folk tunes from Mexico, courtesy of an appearance on Sesame Street:




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