“Orinoco Flow” by Enya (1988)

2 08 2009

They say music soothes the savage breast (and it is “breast,” not “beast”). And I agree. It’s one of my few convictions. I use music to soothe my savage breast all the time. And there’s plenty of music to soothe even the most savage, Cheney-esque breast

For a brief but intense time, Enya’s music really helped me out. During the “first” Gulf “War,” and as an airman with little time to himself, Enya’s music gave me some peace. Surrounded by patriotic anthems and pounding rock/country/metal incitements to violence and mindless jingoism, I could retreat to my little compact disc player, and spin some Enya.

Enya’s Celtic and classical pop is truly beautiful. Layers and layers of vocals and strings surround terrific melodies.

If you ever need to soothe something savage, check out Enya.




One response

28 12 2009
Glenn Lewis

Thanks for the wonderful video of Enya. Her beautiful music touches my soul.

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