“The Hellion/Electric Eye” by Judas Priest (1982)

27 09 2009

It was pointed out to me, correctly, that I don’t have enough hard rock on my blog.

Heavy metal. Hard rock. Speed metal. Norwegian death metal. How the hell do I recommend this stuff to my daughter?

Let’s start by acknowledging how much I listened to it. Consider this: no matter how crappy your car is, or how “jcpenney” your wardrobe is (“Hi Mom!”), or how much acne you’re face-farming, slam on and blast some righteous metal, and be who you are. Normally, it pisses off your parents, too, but you know I’d probably be raiding your mp3’s nightly.

“The Hellion/Electric Eye” is the opening track to Judas Priest’s album, “Screaming for Vengeance.” It was released (and bought by your old man as a high school junior) in 1982. That cassette survived two anxious years in my VW Bug. I’m fairly sure I still have it.

This song is about government surveillance. A rock and roll warning. Listening to this Priest track was possibly the first time I even thought about privacy issues, planting seeds that would grow into deep suspicion. Anyone who calls that paranoia doesn’t read the news.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance,” wrote Thomas Jefferson. These words are often misinterpreted by devious and/or stupid people. Jefferson meant citizens’ vigilance. Not the government’s.

“You think you’ve private lives
Think nothing of the kind
There is no true escape
I’m watching all the time”




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