“Cap In Hand” by The Proclaimers (1988)

11 12 2009

You have a magnificent sliver of Scotland in your blood, thanks to your grandma. If you want to fill your beautiful mind with some great history, read about Scotland and its people. There are deep, complex, political and cultural issues that linger, particularly that of nationalism and independence from the UK.

You have Scottish, Irish, and English ancestors. Maybe your generation can work it all out. Sorry to lay that on you, but I have hope that you and your friends will be more enlightened than my generation has turned out to be.

Anyway, I adore The Proclaimers. They are most known in the U.S. as the band that gave us “(I Would Walk) 500 miles,” which I think appeared on at least 473 film, TV, and commercial soundtracks (NICE job, lads!). And you’ll recognize them from “Shrek” as well. But these twins make consistently good music, with very strong and human lyrics.

This song really rocks my boat. We might not get all the regional references, but the overall message is sound and profound: Why do we allow ourselves to be exploited and controlled by people who don’t care about us? Sure, they’re singing about Scotland, but the same is true for most of us, isn’t it?

Can you hear the sting of conviction and passionate resolve in the chorus? Especially as it intensifies each time? I’ll bet your college fund that you’re singing along with them in the end:

“But I can’t understand why we let someone else rule our land
Cap in hand.”

When are we going to wake up and control our own destiny? When are we going to wake up and control our own resources?

(thanks to AidanSmart for the great YouTube upload with lyrics…..)




2 responses

14 12 2009

We allow ourselves to be treated badly because we are seeking acceptance. I blame my mother. She won’t read this will she?

15 12 2009

Agreed. And I think it takes time for people to become aware of this–IF they ever do. We all still want to be cheerleaders and quarterbacks. But our good artists and prophets know better, like The Replacements and their “Bastards of Young“:

“The ones who love us least are the ones we’ll die to please”

And chances are good your mother will never read this. 🙂

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