“Turn it on Salvador” by Toy Matinee (1990)

13 06 2010

It’s a crime that this record didn’t sell millions of copies when it came out in 1990. Every song on the album is a hit, and could still be today, as the tracks still sound fresh and timeless.

Toy Matinee was the project of two men, Patrick Leonard and Kevin Gilbert, and they only released this one self-titled album. Mr. Leonard is now legendary as a music producer with a magic touch who has worked with just about everyone. Mr. Gilbert, who, sadly, passed away at the age of 29, was an incredibly talented musician, singer, songwriter, and by all accounts an all-around good guy. I can only imagine the great music Toy Matinee would have continued making if not for Mr. Gilbert’s passing.

While all the tracks are wonderful, I particularly like this one. It’s catchy, bouncy, playful, and quite a bit surreal for a pop song. Very fitting considering it’s an ode to Salvador Dali, the great surrealist artist. Listen to the loving care and attention to detail on this track, like the vocal harmonies, the contrasting slinky and chunky guitar parts, and the elite clarinet platoon that conquers all at the end.

I could listen to this track a thousand times and still find it engaging. Like the whole album, this is truly a musical gem.

(Thanks to Ecram32 for uploading tracks from this great record!)




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