“Timeless Melody” by The La’s (1990)

19 06 2010

The La’s were a British band who made this one album, “The La’s,” released in 1990. The band broke up after this record, which is a shame, because this is one tight, glorious set of music. It had one big hit in the U.S., “There She Goes,” but all the tracks are terrific. I particularly like this one. Why? Well, it makes me feel good.

“If you look in your mind
Do you know what you will find?
Open your mind”

There’s so much to latch onto: the solid beat that sometimes surprises you, the multiple melodies and lush harmonies that beckon you to join in, the smart, upbeat vibe. What can I say? It makes me feel good!

I just realized that this and the last post of pop/escapist music are both from 1990. That’s about when I first heard them. That’s about the time of Desert Storm, when your lonely airman of a dad, armed with a portable CD player, was looking for some kind of escape.

If I could say anything to The La’s and the others behind this record, it would be simple and sincere: “Thank you!”




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