“Souvenir” by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (1981)

2 07 2010

This is another track and band that picked me up through some rough times. I was late to know OMD and their expansive, synth musings. But ten years after this was recorded, I used it to relax, to contemplate, and to get out of my head, if only for a while.

I know, it sounds dramatic. Maybe I’ll never be able to describe how much music has helped me survive this proverbial mortal coil. I mean, not literally. So much.

OMD had a big hit in the US, “If You Leave,” but they had many more hits in Europe (and to me, that’s usually a solid endorsement). They were one of the first bands to prove you could make good music with synthesizers and electronic instruments. At the time, the technology was primitive compared to today, and many felt that synthesizers would never be anything more than cold, abrasive gimmicks for the soundtracks to low budget science fiction films.

I think the lush and organic textures of this track completely disprove that assertion. At least it did for me.

Anyway, just imagine your old man, lying on his cot, treasuring even 20 minutes of music like this when he could get it. Hiding his extra AA batteries to power his escape.

I still remember how much I had to fast forward side one of the cassette to get me to this track, so I could hear it before the rare, short bursts of solitude would end.

(thanks to FallingDown08 for the YouTube upload)




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2 07 2010

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