“Message to My Girl” by Split Enz (1984)

3 08 2010

I first heard Split Enz when I was in college, which is a perfect time to absorb and revere music, adding it to the soundtrack of your life. They had at least one hit in the U.S. (“I Got You”), but unless you bought their albums, you would have missed out on some glorious songwriting. These New Zealanders made wonderful music, then morphed into another terrific band, Crowded House, which I’m going to post up here soon.

I love the frank expression with this song, and the terrific way it builds from verse to chorus, a beautiful flow of energy and emotion. This track never fails to move me. Reason #12,347 why I love music.

Oh, and this isn’t a message to a “girl,” but a woman, a lover, who meant a great deal to someone. Or at least that’s my take. And let’s face it, “Message to My Girl” is a lot easier to sing than “Message to a Great Woman Whom I Respect Dearly and With Whom I Wish to Have Another Chance.”

“And there’s nothing quite as real
as the touch of your sweet hand.
I can’t spend the rest of my life
buried in the sand.”




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