My Little Rock Lobster

My Little Rock Lobster

I think you know this by now:  I love music.  All kinds of music.  Music that I want to share with you.

Music is very important to me.  In happy times, it helped me celebrate.  In dark times, it lifted my spirits.  It has allowed me to communicate and collaborate with people who don’t share my spoken language, or my politics, or my temperament.  It has the power to unite people across borders.  It can be subversive.  But most of all it can be beautiful.

I am not an expert, and this is not a definitive list.  There is a TON of music out there that I haven’t heard.  Music for you to discover on your own.  And maybe someday you will tell me about music that enriches YOUR life.

As a father, I dread the day that you need me, and I can’t be there for you.  I hope that you will find some music here that may comfort you, or even provide you some guidance.  Music has done a lot to shape who I am.

When you listen to these songs, know that I listened as well.  Intently, with my heart full and my mind open.


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