“When the Rainbow Comes” by World Party (1990)

4 01 2017

This is the second World Party song I’ve posted, the other is “Ship of Fools,” so I won’t rehash my love for Karl Wallinger’s music.

This is another medicinal song. A sober song about hope. Or the struggle to find it. This song was released in a time I needed hope, so I know this song well.

It starts with an ideal:

“Build a new house down by the sea
Get to the place we were meant to be
You’ll know it when you smile.”

Of course most of us can’t do that. So if you can’t live by the sea, then what?

“Slippin’ and slidin’ around in your head
It’s be-bop-a-lula and baby you’re dead
So come on, make a bright new day.”

It’s never that easy, but just singing it out loud makes it seem just slightly more possible to make that bright new day.

“I need a prayer here
I need a blessing
Cast your eye back as you run
Turn around, boy!
See the rainbow come!”

I do believe there is something to the “power of positive thinking.” It’s just not that easy for some folks.

What’s easier is the power of positive singing. If things seem a tad dark, crank it up, belt it out. It might help.


“Ship of Fools” by World Party (1986)

10 12 2008

World Party, essentially, is Karl Wallinger, a former member of The Waterboys, among other musical projects.  His music is very different, never bowing to the fads or styles of the day, which, to me, is essentially the definition of “artist.”  It also imparts a timeless quality on his music.  When I listen to this track, I can’t tell when it was recorded.  Last week?  In 1967?  Maybe down the hall from a Bob Dylan session?

The beauty is that it doesn’t matter, at least not to me.  It’s just good music.  I’d recommend all of World Party’s records to you.  I think we have all of them, few though they are.

In addition to his innovative music, Mr. Wallinger penned some stinging, prescient lyrics:

Traveling the world, you’re in search of no good
But I’m sure you’ll build your Sodom like you knew you would
Using all the good people for your galley slaves
As your little boat struggles through the warning waves

This is a song to people in power, our leadership, the quality of which can change drastically from one era to another.  Since our leaders have such authority and impact on us (and the planet), we have a duty to question their motives.  Why ARE we fighting this war?  Why DID they pass that law?  Do they really have our best interests at heart?  Or is it their own interests, or those of their friends?

It can be a daunting task, especially if you always feel like David to their Goliath.  But as Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”  And when you need a compadre as a “freedom vigilante,” you can always count on tracks like this to keep you company.